Precision Mechanical Switches for Electrical Control

Moujen has been producing high quality switch products since 1974. We are a leading manufacturer of industrial limit switches, micro switches, and precision oil-tight switches. Our customer base extends throughout the world. We have primary offices in the Netherlands, Taiwan, Shanghai China, Canada, and the United States. Our production requirements are supported by three manufacturing facilities and many of our various products are UL, CSA, VDE, C-UL, & CE approved products.

Mini Enclosed Limit Switches

Light weight and small, these switches have a housing that is resistant to acid and alkaline corrosion.  They are oil-tight and water resistant to IP67 standard.  Standard positive opening contacts SPDT.  Excellent operational and quality features at an economical price.

Limit Switches - Compact

Compact Limit switches are usually a medium-duty device that is water tight and sealed to IP67 or higher. These switches are well-suited for applications that require a high level of contact reliability or involve harsh or dirty  environments where the pollutants would interfere with operation of a regular limit switch. These switches are typically pre-wired or come with an M12 or M8 connector and can be placed in smaller or harder to reach areas. These switches are not serviceable but have excellent longevity due to their seal and can easily be replaced.

Limit Switches - Heavy Duty

Heavy-Duty, High Precision, Oil and Water Tight limit switches. These devices are highly reliable due to its rugged housing, long electrical lifespan and resistance to mechanical wear. It features a simple to use electrical contact with screw terminals and can be double break Isolated contact or configured for positive or direct opening. Easy installation and made for rugged environments.

Limit Switches - Miniature

Miniature and Sub-Miniature limit switches are the most common due to their low cost but high durability, greater than 1 million cycles and up to 10 million cycles for heavy duty models. These switches generally require very little actuation force to operate. Typically found in rotary cam applications, control of machine tools, and internally in electrically-driven machinery.

Mini Light Limit Switches

Total plastic enclosure with a wide choice of actuators styles.  Roller and rod actuators are fully adjustable through 360 degrees.  They may be set for clockwise operation, counter clockwise, or in both directions.

Side Mount Switches

Limit switch with side conduit cable entry.  Completely sealed construction to IP65 oil-tight and water resistant.

Positive Opening Limit Switch

"Safety Switch" with positive opening contacts to IEC/EN 60947-5-1.  Multiple contact arrangements as well as a wide variety of actuator heads.  Switch is supplied with either a threaded conduit or rubber strain relief.

Limit Switches - High Utility

High Utility Switches are usually used in commercial and light industrial applications. These switches are sealed to IP65 and feature snap action contacts designed to instantly trigger as soon as the mechanism activating the switch has moved a predetermined distance. High Utility Switches are commonly used in applications that require only basic contact parameters and mechanical operation such as machine systems that have short movement distances and a minimum amount of contact force.

Micro Switches

Small dimension micro switches available with silver or gold contacts.  High current and high temperature modules are available along with numerous actuator styles.

18mm Switches

Illuminated and non-illuminated push-buttons available with LED lighting, incandescent lighting, or neon lighting.  Small size, removable contact blocks for easy field replacement, designed with high performance engineering plastics.

Positive Opening Micro Switches

Oil and water resistant to IP67 standard.  The attached wire leads are sealed to switch body meeting VDE0660 and IEC/EN 60947-5-1.

22mm Switches

Versatile switch family available ith standard actuators as well as flush mount actuators, selector actuators, key lock actuators, double push-button actuators, etc.  Contact blocks are normally open, normally closed, or a mixture of both.  Emergency Stop switches available as well as pendant boxes for switches.

General Purpose - Micro Switch

The industrial micro switch family  haS been reliably used for many decades in various commercial and industrial applications.  They are available in standard configurations with a large variety of switch actuators, as well as special version products with high temperature insulators, high current versions, low force, etc.

E-Stop Switches

Emergency-Stop push-buttons with twist to release, pull to release, and key to release versions.  Also available - lighted Emergency-Stop switches and "key to release" switches.

Dual Contact Switches

High reliability micro switch series.  Positive opening contacts to IEC 60947.  Environmental rating to IP65.


Lighted indicators (pilot lights) LED and incandescent lighting options.  Flat and extended lenses.  Mounting hole diameter 22mm.


22mm panel mount indicators, lighted and non-lighted versions.  Available for 220VAC, 110VAC, 24VDC slow pulse/fast pulse.  Mounting hole diameter 22mm.

Palm Switches

Operator switches, momentary, alternate, and pull-to-release

Large 94mm actuator button.

Foot Switches

ABS Plastic and Aluminum Housings available. SPDT and DPDT contact arrangements.  All foot switches come standard with 1 meter pre-wired cable, longer cable lengths available on request.

Industrial Wiring Device

Olympia series receptacles

Industrial power cable connectors with many agency approvals including UL.


  • HVAC cooling and ventilation equipment
  • Industrial food & beverage industries
  • CNC milling, lathing, grinding equipment
  • Industrial lifting and handling automation
  • Textile production
  • Packaging systems
  • Process control
  • Elevator systems
  • Plus many other applications


The precision, speed, and reliability of machinery operation are dependent upon an equally reliable supplier base. When delivery is critical, Moujen ships from its fully stocked warehouse and the strength and support of our distributors throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The ability to operate machinery reliably is an important prerequisite for safe performance.


Moujen has distribution throughout North America. If you are looking for local stock, brochures, or a sales call, please contact your closest distributor!

Each product combines extensive design technology

Our knowledge within these industries enables us to partner with OEM's, designers and system integrators. From these partnerships we have formed the foundation for launching new and innovative products.

Moujen is dedicated to responsive customer service, competitive prices, dependable high quality products and fast delivery. We are constantly improving production techniques and materials to supply "world class products." When you think of industrial control switch products, think of Moujen first! Our people, and our innovative range of products, are here to help your business grow and prosper. At Moujen, we don't just make great products - we make successes!

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